Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the problem that happening

i just want to tell that i've been wait him sooooo long but we just hold out for 5months :') he just brake it all. every words he said, not believe that he was made that. but i just realized. i know, it caused of me. i'm so stupid girl who never know how to tell the problem. i regret. and i'm so sorry because i'm so wicked. i never care with you, i realized and i regret. i was make you so confused, i realized and i regret. previously, we just never got any big problem. we were peaceful. it just last. you were so make me comfort. but it just last. last. last. sometimes, i think like that: "it is not you" i just go back at the pass, it is different to you. you are different to you were. but now, you're so faaaaaar. like i don't know you. like i just hope you only in my dream, as i feel previously before i had you. i don't know what you feel right now. and i think you are not same with me here, i'm feel so pain, i'm feel so sad, but you? you said that you are comfort with your condition right now. but i, i am still loving you. i keep on loving. never one percent disappear my love. i just want to come back to that time. knowing you, see you in a beautiful place here. here, accompany me. i want we are come back as before, no more troubles. not makes me crying never makes me sad. i just want you to know. my love never be disappear. i promise for you!
and i wish you to come back here. i still waiting for you to comeback:)

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