Sunday, April 24, 2011

the cutest life, i got it again :)

my blog was full of my diary. it's that you think at few days, right? haha now i'll be right back, fill this blog full of color and happiness!!! yaay. but i'm confused, what i wanna write on this? usually, i write about fashion. but there's no topic. hehehehe. ummh. no more him. no more. just forget, ya forget. hmm. oh ya, during this, definitely, you think that i'm Miss Drama Queen who always tell a love story in this world, talk about love all the time. But actually i'm not like that. That's not really me. Because i got something most painful in my life, and it's my first time, arrrr. hahahaha because i still 16 Year Old :D. still a youth. and he's my first love, since at elementary school! :D hahaha. and i'm still a childish girl. i feeling sleepy -_-" hmm, and i've not eating. i'm so "hungraaaaaay". hahahaha. bye peeps. eh, i've something to learn for you all, don't be sad protacted like i have done. xoxo


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