Friday, April 29, 2011

cut your bangs own!

I found a tips again for you! You can cut your bangs own, it's totally easy!

  1. separate your bangs and your hair, so you can easily cut it
  2. you can cut your bangs when it dry or dabby. If you doing it while your bangs is dabby, you can cut it longer than you want. The bangs will fluffy when it dry.
  3. twist the bangs and move it on the middle of the your forehead. so that the bangs will look naturally. The edge side will longer than center
let do it gals! you can save money and your can make you bangs according to you want :D

Uh eh, may i tell you something? oke, i'll tell this is should be month sixth of us, but it never be happen cause now, it've been done

1 comment:

  1. i did cut my own bangs but i'm unhappy with the result. i'll visit the salon to get it fixed.


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