Sunday, December 5, 2010


I will tell you all, emmm..This is my home:D I have small house. Not big. But it's so comfortable for us! Beautifulies! Clement. My dad decorate this house so 'ancur' !! hahaha Gak ada nilai arsiteknya sama sekali ni rumah! Don't have an architecture mark. Emm.. But, however ILOVEMYHOME! Look now..
That is the living room. how about it? Yes, the chair is soooo old. My parent bought it since i still toddler, maybe. Really a vintage environment

Next to the outside..This is the terrace. So width. Can be a futsal field..Isn't? hehhe sorry i'm just kidding :p And black fence. I love that fence.. Cool!!

Look this picture bellow, That is my brother and my dad who will bicycling at the Sunday morning.

time to 'narciss at the living room'

PS:Oh yea, i'll present my new purple vintage bag!!! It is from my aunt, Bu Wiwi in Surabaya. She sent it.

Umm, i's make you feeling envy..hehheee..Waaaaaaaaa..i like it so! Thanks bu wiwi:D And now, i have two vintage bag..One from my aunt, and the other is my mom's bag (but now it's mine! hehe)

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