Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's about your bag, girls!

Which bag that fit on you?
Mini Bag

  • Items that want u bring just money, card, key, and handphone
  • Quite your style is casual and sporty
  • U're simple and lounge
  • Comfortable is anything
Many Pocket Bag
  • Items that will you bring are much and useful
  • U're style is classic and feminine
  • U have dense rutine schedule
  • Function is more important than the model
Big Bag with Newest Model
  • Many items that will you bring
  • U're style is trendy
  • U don't have certainly schedule and you don't know will be where
  • The model is equally important than model

What items should you bring in your bag

- a wallet, for keep identity card, money, and other
- handphone
- drinking water
- and sure, a simple make up can you bring on it, such as: face powder, cologne, and lipgloss

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