Sunday, December 31, 2017

How To Choose The Right Foundation Color - and my foundation journey

WARNING: this is going to be a long post. So, breath and read carefully :)
PERHATIAN: post ini lumayan panjang. Jadi, jangan lupa tarik napas yang dalam dan baca dengan seksama :)

Finding the right shade of foundation could be tricky. Especially, when we purchase the foundation online. We couldn't try before we buy. It might be darker or lighter, or the worst, ashy. Out of our expectation. We have to research on web, from store to store to find which brands and which of the right shade for our skin color. And to begin all that, we have to understand well which shade are we in.
Menemukan shade foundation yang tepat memang agak susah. Apalagi, jika kita membeli secara online. Kita nggak bisa mencobanya sebelum membeli. Bisa jadi foundation yang kita beli lebih terang, lebih gelap, atau bahkan abu-abu di kulit kita. Kita harus sering-sering browsing, atau datang ke counter-counter yang menyediakan foundation untuk mengetahui brand apa dan shade mana yang cocok buat kulit kita. Dan untuk memulainya, kita perlu tau baik tentang shade kulit kita.

There are many types of skin color from fair to dark, and it's not that hard to know which skin color you are, right? I mean, you don't need to know the specific name of your skin color, as long as you can predict which skin color you are categorized in. Basically, skin color can be categorized in three; light, medium, and dark. You have to know which category your skin is. Mine is categorized as light skin, between nude and beige. I don't really know which color I am, cause each brand has its own standard of name. It can happen like this, brand X provides a lighter nude color than brand Z. So, research is really needed.
Ada banyak warna kulit dari yang cerah sampai gelap, dan sebenarnya nggak terlalu susah untuk mengetahui warna kulit kita kan? Maksudnya, kita nggak harus tahu nama spesifik dari warna kulit kita, selama kamu bisa tahu warna kulitmu ada di kategori mana. Pada dasarnya, ada tiga kategori warna kulit; light, medium, dan dark. Kamu harus tahu kulitmu ada di kategori mana. Kalau aku, ada di kategori light, antara nude dan beige. Aku nggak begitu tau sih warna spesifi kulitku apa, karena tiap brand juga punya standar namanya masing-masing. Contohnya, brand X punya shade nude yang lebih terang di kulitku, sedangkan brand Z memiliki shade nude yang lebih tua dari kulitku. Jadi, browsing sebelum membeli itu memang perlu.

It's always a trial and error in choosing the right shade of foundation. I been there, done that. It was kinda frustrating whenever I realized that the foundation I had applied didn't match with my skin color. I thought, I'd chosen the right color, but it looked "ashy" on my skin. It happened on my first foundation I bought which actually I bought a year ago.
Selalu ada 'trial and error' dalam memilih shade foundation yang tepat. Aku juga pernah mengalami itu. Memang sih, sedikit bikin frustrasi kalau foundation yang kita apply nggak match di kulit kita. Aku pernah membeli foundation yang aku pikir udah cocok dengan kulitku, tapi setelah diaplikasikan malah kelihatan ashy atau abu-abu.

After that, I learned more, I observed more about foundation and why it doesn't match my skin well while actually it was just right color like my skin. In this post, I'm also gonna give you a little guide to choose the right foundation color for your skin.
Setelah itu, aku cari tahu lebih tentang foundation dan kenapa foundationku nggak match dengan warna kulitku, padahal sebenarnya aku memilih shade yang sama dengan kulitku. Di post ini aku akan memberikan beberapa cara untuk memilih foundation berdasarkan pengalamanku.

1. Know your undertone
Undertone made it easy to choose the right foundie color, trust me! Basically, undertone is divided into three; pink/cool, neutral, and warm/yellow. To know your undertone, all you need to do is just check your veins inside the wrist. If your veins is greenish, you have warm undertone. If it's like blueish, you likely have a cool undertone. But if you see neither blueish or greenish (cause blue and green are both dominating), probably you have a neutral undertone.
Undertone akan mempermudah kalian untuk memilih shade foundation yang tepat. Pada umumnya, undertone dibagi menjadi tiga; pink/cool, netral, dan warm/yellow. Untuk tau undertone kalian, kalian bisa melihat peredaran dara di sekitar pergelangan tangan. Jika warna peredaran darah kalian didominasi warna hijau, berarti kalian mempunyai undertone warm. Kalau peredaran darahnya kebiruan, berarti undertone kalian cool. Lalu, kalau kalian melihat peredaran darah kalian memiliki warna hijau dan biru yang sama-sama dominan, berarti kalian memiliki undertone netral.

Most foundation products has specifically made for certain undertone. Some brand has clearly mentioned the color and the undertone for its products. However, some also don't, so research is needed here. It is best to read the review of the foundation you want before you buy.
Hampir semua foundation telah dispesifikasikan untuk undertone tertentu. Beberapa brand bahkan menyebutkan undertone pada setiap shade untuk mempermudah kalian memilih. Tetapi, beberapa juga tidak mencantumkan undertone. Jadi, kalian tetap harus browsing sebelum membeli foundation yang kalian inginkan.

2. Don't ever swatch the shade on your hand!
Image via
Usually, most women swatch the foundations they likely to buy on hand and choose which shades has the most similar color to their hand. Actually, this method is wrong. It might match your face, but most of the time, it doesn't. So, it's better to swatch the foundations around your face and neck cause you want to apply the foundation on that area, right? This way might be better than swatch on your hand.
Biasanya, para wanita menswatch foundation yang mereka ingin beli di tangan. Sebenarnya, ini cara yang salah, Beberapa orang punya warna kulit tangan yang beda dari wajahnya. Jadi, lebih baik menswatch foundation yang ingin kita beli di antara wajah dan leher, karena kalian juga mau pakai foundation di sekitar wajah dan leher kan? Cara ini bisa menentukan foundation yang paling tepat buatmu.

3. If you buy, pay attention to the light around the place
The lighting in the area/counter often distract the real color of the foundation. Sometimes, the lighting can be yellowish or too white that will affect the color of the foundation you swatch. So, I think it's better to swatch it, then bring it home and see the swatch in the natural lighting and go back there tomorrow.
Lighting di area toko/counter kosmetik juga somehow menganggu kita memilih foundie, loh. Kadang, ada yang memiliki ruang dengan lampu yang kuning, ada juga yang terlalu putih. Jadi, lebih baik, swatchnya disimpan lalu kita lihat di rumah dengan cahaya alami. Trus balik lagi deh besok ke tokonya dan beli shade yang paling cocok.

4. It's better not to buy online
As you might know in those three points that finding the right foundation color is tricky, I guess, if you try to buy online, it will be more tricky. You can't swatch the foundation you likely to buy, can you? It will be really hard, especially for you as the first timer. However, if you feel like you already know your skin color and has researched the product quite much, I think you will find the right product. Especially, if the brand provides the information of the undertone in each shade of the foundations.
Seperti yang kamu tahu dari tiga poin di atas, menemukan warna foundation yang tepat memang gampang-gampang-susah. Sepertinya, kalau beli online juga akan tambah susah. Kalau beli online, kita nggak bisa swatch foundienya. Apalagi kalau kalian first timer dan belum tahu shade yang tepat buatmu yang mana. Tapi, kalau kalian sudah cukup berpengalaman dan sudah browsing banyak tentang warna foundation yang cocok untukmu, boleh-boleh saja beli lewat online. Apalagi kalau websitenya memberikan keterangan tentang undertone.

So that was the guide, I hope it's clear enough and make you feel easier finding the right shade. Move on to my own story now (as I said, this post is gonna be long, I let you breath).
Jadi, itu dia guidenya, semoga cukup jelas dan cukup dimengerti kalian ya. Move on ke pengalamanku sekarang (aku sudah bilang, kalau post ini lumayan panjang, jadi sabar aja yah hehe)

Actually, I'm not that expert (of course I am not). I made this post based on my experiences and I'd like to share with you since I believe, still many of you don't know how to choose the right foundation color.
Sebenarnya aku bukan expert (nggak ada yang ngomong aku expert juga sih, hehe). Aku membuat postingan ini berdasarkan pengalamanku dan aku ingin membagikannya ke kalian karena aku percaya masih banyak dari kalian yang masih bingung bagaimana memilih shade foundie yang tepat.

It was around a year back then I bought my first foundation which I'm actually still using until now. The first foundation I bought is Revlon Colorstay in shade 220 natural beige. In Indonesia, there is a few shades that's available, so it's kinda hard to match it with your skin tone. I bought that shade because it was the most similar shade to my skin. However, after I applied it, I realized that it doesn't match my skin. I think, it was kinda ashy for my skin. It's too pinky.
Sekitar satu tahun lalu, aku pertama kalinya membeli foundation yang masih aku pakai sampai sekarang. Foundie pertama yang aku beli adalah Revlon Colorstay shade 220 natural beige. Di Indonesia, hanya sedikit shade yang available, jadi memang agak susah untuk memilih foundie Revlon yang cocok buat warna kulit dan undertonemu. Aku membeli shade tersebut karena aku pikir, itu warna yang paling tepat buatku. Tapi, setelah aku apply, aku sadar kalau shade tersebut nggak match di kulitku. Seperti terlihat ashy atau abu-abu dan terlalu pink di wajahku.

I began to research, what was the cause, why my skin can't accept that pinky shade until become ashy. Then, I started to research about undertone and check my own undertone. I found out that my undertone is neutral, which is why it doesn't match with my current foundation (which has cool undertone) at that time. I thought of selling the foundation I have and buy another one. However, Sephora Indonesia asked for a partnership with my blog for promoting NYX Professional Makeup that has just launched on their website. I found a good foundie of NYX! But it still doesn't match my undertone. Only a few shades available on the website. So, I did a little research on the official NYX Professional Makeup website and found out that NYX has mentioned the undertone in each foundie products. It made me easier.
Lalu, aku memulai browsing tentang foundie, apa penyebab ashy tersebut, kenapa kulitku nggak bisa pakai warna shade pink sampai jadi ashy. Kemudian, aku mencoba mencari tahu apa itu undertone dan coba cek undertoneku. Ternyata undertoneku netral, makanya aku nggak cocok pakai shade Revlon yang pinkish tadi. Aku juga sempat berpikir untuk menjual foundie Revlonku dan beli foundie lain yang lebih cocok. Tapi, suatu hari Sephora Indonesia ngajakin partnership nih dan memintaku untuk promot NYX Professional Makeup yang baru launch di web mereka. Dan aku menemukan foundie yang bagus dari NYX. Sayangnya, cuma beberapa shade yang available di web. Jadi, aku browsing di web NYX Professional Makeup untuk memilih shade yang paling mendekati kulitku. Beruntungnya, website NYX juga memberikan keterangan undertone di setiap shade foundation!

I ended up choosing the nude shade of NYX Stay Matte but Not Flat Liquid Foundation (read the review here) since it's the most matched shade for my skin tho the undertone doesn't. This shade has warm undertone. Luckily, if it's mixed with my Revlon Colorstay foundation (has cool undertone), it becomes neutral.
Akhirnya aku membeli shade nude dari NYX Stay Matte but Not Flat Liquid Foundation (baca reviewnya disini) karen cuma itu shade yang paling cocok untuk kulitku walaupun tidak dengan undertoneku. Shade tersebut dikhususkan untuk undertone warm. Beruntungnya, kalau dicampur dengan foundie Revlonku yang punya cool undertone, foundation tersebut akan menjadi netral. Yang berarti akan cocok di warna kulitku.

left to right: Revlon Colorstay Foundation (natural beige) - NYX Stay Matte but Not Flat Liquid Foundation (nude) - Mix of both foundation

After that, I always mix my both foundation together and it matched my skin really well. It doesn't look like I'm wearing any foundation. This also might be useful for you. If you have a neutral undertone like me, but you have a wrong foundation either in warm or cool undertone, you can buy another tone and then mix it.
Setelah itu, aku selalu mencampurkan kedua foundationku dan benar-benar match my skin really well. Kaya nggak pakai foundie deh pokoknya. Mungkin trik ini bisa juga dipakai. Kalau kalian punya undertone yang netral sepertiku dan pernah salah memilih foundation karena belum tahu undertonemu, kamu bisa beli shade lain yang undertonenya berbeda dari foundie yang kamu punya (asal jangan foundie berundertone netral). Lalu kamu bisa mencampurnya, dan jadi deh foudation untuk kulit netral!

I always mix a few drops of both foundation and put it in a small jar. So, I don't have to mix it again whenever I need to wear it. Sadly, both foundation I have is specified for a normal-oily skin (I used to have a normal-oily skin), while my skin now is normal. I also prefer a dewy finish make up rather than matte. Then, I added a few drops of bio oil, so that my foundation will give a little glowy effect.
Aku selalu mencampurkan beberapa tetes/pump dari kedua foundie yang aku punya dan menyimpannya di jal kecil. Jadi, kalau aku ingin pakai foundation, aku nggak perlu repot-repot ngemix lagi. Sayangnya, dua foundation yang aku punya sebenarnya diperuntukkan untuk kulit normal-berminyak. Sedangkan kulitku normal (dulunya kulitku berminyak). Lalu, aku menambahkan beberapa tetes bio oil di jar kecil itu, so foundieku akan menghasilkan look yang glowy.

I guess, that's all about the foundation color. I hope it really guides you to the right foundation shade! I hope it's helpful enough. Happy hunting!
Ya, jadi itu tadi tentang memilih warna foundation. Semoga postingan ini benar-benar membantu kalian memilih shade foundi yang tepat ya. Happy hunting!

Friday, December 22, 2017

Side-striped Pants

I'm not the kind who likes to follow the trend but, doesn't mean I hate what's trending. I mean, I will do/wear what I like to do/wear no matter if it's on trend or not. And when I like a thing that's trending, I'll be the first person to do/wear it in town. Haha. Just like these side-striped pants which is so trending last year (CMIIW) but, people around me still haven't aware about this trend. Or let's say, they're a bit late? Or maybe they aren't really into fashion.

Side-striped pants are indeed inspired by track pants you wear to the gym or other sport activities. It's just a typical pants which can be wide-legged or skinny or whatever but, it has different color(s) in the sides. Some has one color of the stripe, some may have 2 or three stripes in different colors each side.

Often my friends say that I look like going to swim or gym when I style myself with these pants. Or perhaps, people who see me also do say that way. Haha. I guess, this trend just hasn't arrive yet to the place I live. Wait n see, they'll call me a trendsetter, or guess, people call me an alien? LOL. I'm just kidding.

However, I sometimes see some persons are start wearing these side-striped pants. Finally, I'm not alone. LOL. I found it everywhere. And I think, these pants you can wear pretty much at anytime. Not to mention for your chillin day, a casual hang out; only pair it with T-shirt and sneakers then you're ready to go. Or maybe a little more formal by pairing with shirt or blouse. I did wear these pants with a blouse to go to a job fair. I know right like people stared at me, probably questioning what kind of pants am I wearing. LOL. It actually doesn't matter if you are confident, cause it will look good anyway if you wear it with confidence. As long as it's comfortable for you to wear and doesn't break the rule.

Anyway, I guess it won't be hard again to find these pants. I believe after this there will be many online stores which sell these pants. While at the department stores you can easily find it at Zara, Stradivarius, Pull and Bear, and elses. These pants of mine I made it myself, since I like to customize a clothe, I prefer to sew it myself. I choose a peach-salmon for the stripes and I'm sure you can't find it another one elswhere (but you may prove me wrong :p).

Sunday, December 3, 2017

REVIEW: Yves Rocher Sensitive Vegetal Soothing Micellar Water 2in1 (Pink)

Now micellar water is everywhere and become a thing in skin care world. I guess, most girls have one micellar water as their daily cleansing routine, and me too. It's always been my first cleanser since then. Local brands also has launched their own micellar water. I know, I know, we get so much choice until we are confused which to choose. LOL. I like to try micellar water from any brands, so this is another review of micellar water in my blog!
Sekarang micellar water memang sudah ada dimana-mana dan menjadi suatu hal yang tidak asing lagi di dunia skin care. Aku yakin, pasti banyak perempuan yang memakai micellar water sebagai salah satu rangkaian pembersih muka. Micellar water selalu menjadi first cleanserku sejak pertama kali mencobanya, dari brand mana pun hehe. Banyak produk lokal yang juga sudah meluncurkan produk micellar water.Jadi banyak pilihan ya, sampai-sampai kita bingung mau pilih yang mana. Haha. Aku juga suka mencoba-coba micellar water dari berbagai brand, dan ini dia review micellar water lagi di blogku!

(Read other reviews about micellar water here)

This time, I'm gonna review the Yves Rocher Sensitive Vegetal Soothing Micellar Water. Have you heard about Yves Rocher? It is a cosmetic brand from France which now has officially available in Indonesia. You can also find its counter in your area (big cities only). The product they sell is in the mid-range price.
Kali ini, aku akan mereview Yves Rocher Sensitive Vegetal Soothing Micellar Water. Apa kalian sudah pernah dengar brand ini? Yves Rocher adalah brand kosmetik dari negara Perancis yang sekarang juga sudah tersedia di Indonesia. Kamu bisa menemukan counter-counter Yves Rocher di kotamu (kalau kamu tinggal di kota besar). Produk-produk yang mereka jual juga harganya tidak begitu mahal.

There is another kind of micellar water from Yves Rocher for those who have oily skin, Sebo Vegetal Micellar Water 2in1. Since I have a normal-sensitive skin, I choose this one (Sensitive Vegetal) over the Sebo Vegetal. Both products have the same function, which can cleanse and tone your skin in a single step. So, you can skip the toner step. However, I still prefer apply the toner after I finish my cleansing step.
Sebenarnya ada satu lagi micellar water dari brand Yves Rocher yang ditujukan untuk wajah berminyak, yaitu Sebo Vegetal Micellar Water 2in1. Karena tipe wajahku sekarang adalah normal-sensitif, aku lebih memilih Sensitive Vegetal ini daripada Sebo Vegetal. Kedua produk tersebut memiliki fungsi yang sama, 2in1; yaitu bisa digunakan sebagai pembersih dan toner. Jadi, kamu bisa saja tidak memakai toner lagi. Tetapi, aku masih lebih memilih memakai toner setelah aku membersihkan wajahku.

I'm quite impressed with this product, which actually is good. I kinda underestimated before I tried this product but, I bought it anyway. And it turned out that I kinda like this product. It does a good job but still, not that great, I can say. It gently cleanses my sensitive skin and doesn't let me breakout. It also soothes your skin just like when you apply a hydrating toner to your face. However, in removing waterproof make up....uhm, it doesn't do a good job. I need to struggle whenever I remove my waterproof mascara with this product. This product is also a bit sticky for my skin but, it's just a little bit (stickier than Bioderma Sensibio micellar water). So, I guess if you don't wash your face or use it as a toner, it will be kinda inconvenient.
Aku cukup terkesan dengan produk ini, yang bagus. Sebelumnya aku sudah sempat underestimate produk ini, takutnya nggak bagus, tapi tetap aja aku beli. Dan akhirnya aku agak suka dengan produk ini karena memang bekerja dengan baik walaupun, tidak bisa dibilang 'amazing'. Produk ini membersihkan dengan lembut, apalagi di kulitku yang sensitif. Produk ini juga tidak menimbulkan breakout di kulitku, justru malah menenangkan kulit. Rasanya seperti sehabis menggunakan hydrating toner. Tetapi, ada kekurangannya, kalau untuk membersihkan makeup yang waterproof, produk ini tidak cukup handal. Apalagi membersihkan maskara waterproofku, benar-benar susah. Produknya juga sedikit sticky, tapi memang benar-benar sedikit sih kalau dibanding dengan Bioderma Sensibio. Jadi, kalau kamu tidak mencuci muka setelahnya, mungkin akan sedikit risih.
+ Good for sensitive skin
+ 2in1 as first cleanser and toner
+ Soothes the skin
+ Worth the price
- Hard to remove waterpoof makeup
- A little sticky
+ Cocok untuk kulit sensitif
+ 2in1 sebagai cleanser dan toner
+ Menenangkan kulit
+ Worth the price
- Kurang ampuh untuk menghapus makeup waterproof
- Sedikit sticky

IDR 149.000 / USD 11


So far, the best micellar water I've tried is still Bioderma Sensibio. Sensibio for the win! However, this is still a good micellar water that's worth to buy since it's more affordable than Bioderma. And if we see from the price range, I think Yves Rocher Sensitive Vegetal Soothing Micellar Water is good enough.
Sejauh ini, micellar water terbaik untukku adalah Bioderma Sensibio. Pokoknya, Sensibio sih tetap jadi yang juara. Tetapi, bukan berarti produk ini jelek ya. Karena produk ini lebih murah dari Bioderma Sensibio, tetap kok produk ini worth to buy. Kan ada harga ada kualitas juga. Hihi.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

REVIEW: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

You must be knowing one. of. my. fave. A.K.A. HOLY GRAIL. cleanser of mine. Yup. It is Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is reviewed on my blog! *drumrolls* Like, finally! Haha. This cleanser has been accompanying me for more than a year now. I really can't leave with this product. I always repurchase once the product has gone on my dressing table.
Kalian pasti udah tau salah. satu. favorit. A.K.A. HOLY GRAIL. cleanserku. Yup, Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser akhirnya bisa aku review juga di blog! *drumrolls* Akhirnya! Haha. Cleanser ini sudah aku pakai sejak setahun lebih yang lalu dan aku nggak bisa lepas setelah itu. Aku selalu repurchase kalau produknya sudah habis.

Some of you might agree with me, this is one of the good products that you always repurchase and repurchase again. However, there are some (kind of) "debate" about this product since it has alcohol in its ingredients. For me, that doesn't matter but, if you kind of sensitive with the alcohol ingredients, better you don't try this product. Some also said that this product contains paraben. Luckily, it was the old Cetaphil that contains paraben. CMIIW. I'm gonna mention the ingredients below since I didn't take a picture of its ingredients:
Beberapa dari kalian pasti setuju denganku, Cetaphil ini salah satu produk yang kalian juga repurchase setiap kali habis (atau bahkan sebelum habis).Tapi, banyak perbedaan pendapat nih tentang produk ini yang katanya nggak aman karena mengandung alkohol. Untukku sendiri, aku tidak bermasalah menggunakan produk yang mengandung alkohol, tapi kalau kalian termasuk orang yang sensitif terhadap kandungan tersebut sebaiknya memang menghindari produk ini. Beberapa juga mengatakan kalau produk in mengandung paraben. Setauku, Cetaphil versi lama memang mengandung paraben (CMIIW), tapi versi yang aku punya sekarang sudah tidak tercantum paraben kok. Aku cantumkan semua ingredients dari Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser yang aku punya di bawah ini:

purified water, cetyl alcohol, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, stearyl alcohol, methyl hydroxybenzoate, propyl hydroxybenzoate, butyl hydroxybenzoate.

From what I know, it's okay to use a product that contains paraben as long as it's not too much. However, I'm not sure how much is too much. I guess, as long as you have your products all contain paraben. Hehe. I have a product which contains paraben and that's okay in me.
Sejauh yang aku tau, oke oke saja sih memakai produk yang mengandung paraben selama kalian memakainya tidak too much. Aku nggak tau sih seberapa banyak too much itu. Yang penting, jangan semua produk yang kalian punya mengandung paraben ya, itu mungkin baru bahaya. Hehe. Aku mempunyai satu produk yang mengandung paraben, dan produknya bekerja dengan baik di kulitku.

The Product
Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is a kind of cleansing milk. It can be used to replace your face wash or you may use it together like what I do as you read on my Triple Cleansing article (If you haven't read my post about "triple cleansing" using Cetaphil, you may check right here). Cetaphil is more convenient cause you can use it without having to rinse your face. Just put the right amount of Cetaphil, rub it gently on your face then wipe it with cotton pad or a tissue, then you can proceed to the next step of skin care. However, I prefer rinse it with water since after that my next skin care step is the face wash.
Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser adalah sebuah cleansing milk. Produk ini bisa digunakan untuk menggantikan face washmu atau bahkan menggunakannya secara bersamaan seperti yang aku lakukan. Kalau kalian sudah sempat membaca artikelku yang berjudul Triple Cleansing (kalau kalian belum membacanya, kalian bisa klik di sebelah sini). Cetaphil lebih enak dipakai soalnya kalian bisa memakainya tanpa dibilas. Tinggal apply Cetaphil ke seluruh muka, di gosok-gosok sedikit, lalu bisa diusap menggunakan kapas atau tisu setelahnya. Selanjutnya, kamu sudah bisa pakai skin care mu yang lain. Tapi, aku lebih suka mencucinya dengan air karena selanjutnya aku selalu menggunakan face wash.

The Packaging
I have a 500ml of Cetaphil and it comes with the pump. If you buy the smaller size it doesn't come with pump. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser has some sizes; 60mL, 125 mL, 250mL, 500mL, and 1L. I know it's huge right. Don't worry about its hygine, the pump can be opened and closed like in the picture below. Got what I mean right?
Cetaphil yang aku punya adalah yang berukuran 500mL dan yang berukuran ini dilengkapi dengan pump. Kalau kalian membeli yang lebih kecil, ukuran 60mL, 125mL atau 250mL, kemasannya tidak menggunakan pump. Cetaphil punya beberapa ukuran; 125mL, 250 mL, 500mL, dan 1Liter. Emang ukurannya raksasa ya. Haha. Oiya, untuk yang pump, jangan khawatir dengan ke-higienis-annya ya, pumpnya bisa dibuka-tutup seperti yang kamu lihat di gambar bagian bawah ini.

The texture is light, with a transparent-white color. It's between liquid-y and gel-y. As you can see below picture, it has no foam. So, it's very convenient to just wipe it with tissue or cotton after rubbing it. It will give an instant smooth right after you rub it on to your face. Feels like your face has been moisturized and it really gently cleanses your face, as its name. It has no perfume in it so it's suitable for sensitive skin actually. It's even mentioned on the bottle that this product is also good for baby.
Teksturnya ringan dan warnanya putih transparan, tidak begitu kental dan tidak begitu cair. Seperti gambar yang ada di bawah ini, memang sabun cuci muka ini tidak ada foam-nya. Enak banget dipakainya, setelah kamu gosokkan ke muka, kamu bisa langsung mengusapnya dengan tisu atau kapas. Sabun ini juga memberi efek halus yang instan setelah kamu memakainya. Rasanya seperti sehabis memakai moisturizer, wajah jadi lembab dan benar-benar lembut membersihkan, seperti namanya. Produk ini juga tidak memiliki pewangi, jadi sebenarnya sangat cocok untuk kulit sensitif. Bahkan disebutkan di botolnya kalau produk ini juga cocok untuk bayi.

I'm just getting addicted using this product. I like the fact that I shouldn't rinse my face after using this, though I often rinse it with water. Hehe. However, when I need to get rush (to go bed, too sleepy, perhaps? :p), I can just wipe it with tissue and sleep. LOL. This product also help fading my acne. When I was so desperate about my acne and oil, I stopped using any skin care except cleansers, only used three of my cleansers (including Cetaphil) and it worked. I also experienced using only Cetaphil for several days, my acne had calmed down, which is why, I can conclude that this product help me fading my acne.
Sepertinya aku ketagihan sama produk ini. Seperti yang aku sebutkan tadi kalau kita nggak harus membilas muka kita setelah menggunakan Cetaphil ini, walaupun aku tetap selalu mencucinya dengan air sih. Hehe. Tapi, kalau lagi buru-buru (ke kasur, karena terlalu ngantuk mungkin :p), hanya tinggal mengusapnya dengan tisu lalu tidur. LOL. Produk ini juga membantu menghilangkan jerawatku. Ketika aku benar-benar desperate soal jerawat dan minyak di wajah, aku mencoba untuk puasa skin care dan yang ku pakai hanya cleansers (termasuk Cetaphil) dan berhasil. Aku juga sempat memakai hanya Cetaphil saja dalam beberapa hari, dan jerawatku perlahan membaik, makanya, aku bisa menyimpulkan kalau produk ini bisa membantuku untuk menghilangkan jerawat di wajahku.

+ Gentle
+ Help fading acne
+ Can be used without  rinsing with water
+ Less irritation
+ No perfume
+ Good for sensitive skin
+ Good for all skin types
- Contains alcohol

Around IDR 200.000/USD 15


I do and will always repurchase again

Where to Buy?
Drugsture; Watson, Century, Guardian, etc.


So, that's pretty much it. Overall, I never got a bad experience using this product. I have a sensitive skin and this product works really well. I just can't get enough. This is really my holy grail cleanser. :p 
Jadi, begitulah reviewnya. Sampai sekarang aku merasa cocok dengan produk ini dan tidak pernah ada pengalaman buruk. Aku punya sensitif skin dan bekerja sangat baik di kulitku. Ini benar-benar holy grail cleanserku :p

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Soft Launcing Ozora Skin Care: Yogyakarta

Hello, I'm back! Kali ini aku benar-benar harus berusaha tetap mengupdate blogku nih, mumpung waktu luangku sangat banyak. Ya, karena sekarang sudah resmi jadi pengangguran. Hehe. Semoga aku tetap konsisten untuk ngeblog dan menanggalkan gelar "lazy blogger" dariku sendiri. LOL. Doakan juga aku cepat melepas masa lajang pengangguranku ya! Tapi, karena jadi pengangguran, waktuku jadi sangat fleksibel. Makanya, aku bisa menghadiri acara Soft Opening Ozora skin care di Jogja.
Hello, I'm back! Ok, so this time I have to keep updating my blog regularly. I have so many free time. I mean, I'm free now. I have a lot of free time as I'm now officially become jobless. Hehe. I wish I can be consistent updating my blog and leaving my "lazy blogger" alias from my own. LOL. Wish me to soon have a job too! But, as I have so much free time, I can attended a soft launcing of Ozora skin care in Jogja last weekend.

Buat yang belum tahu, Ozora adalah sebuah brand skin care baru dari Indonesia. Meskipun baru, Ozora sudah dijual di Kamboja loh! Untuk tau lebih tentang Ozora skin care, kalian bisa cek di websitenya, Nah, Sabtu kemarin (18/Nov), aku dan para blogger dari Yogyakarta diundang untuk menghadiri soft launching Ozora skin care yang diadakan di Kunena Eatery, Yogyakarta.
For those who hasn't know yet, Ozora is a new skin care brand from Indonesia. Although it's new, Ozora has sell their product in Kamboja! It's a good start tho. To know more about the brand, you may check its website, And last Saturday (18/Nov), me and other fellow bloggers from Yogyakarta has been invited to attend the soft launcing of Ozora skin care, at Kunena Eatery, Yogyakarta.

Ada beberapa rangkaian acara disana, salah satunya tentunya adalah perkenalan produk Ozora skin care. Sang owner pun datang untuk menjelaskan sendiri Ozora skin care dan kandungannya. Semua produk Ozora skin care cocok untuk semua jenis kulit, karena produk-produknya terbuat dari bahan-bahan organik. Sang owner juga mengatakan kalau 90% ingredients mereka diimport langsung dari Italy. Jadi, nggak usah khawatir dengan kualitas produknya, sudah pasti aman dan sudah terdaftar di BPOM.
The event basically was introducing the product of Ozora skincare. The owner herself also came to introduce the brand and its ingredients. All Ozora products is perfect for all skin types, as the products is made of organic ingredients. The owner was also saying that 90% of the ingredients has been imported from Italy. So, no need to worry about the quaility. The brand also has registered to BPOM Indonesia.

Ini dia ownernya..hehe

Here is the owner..
Sonya (fellow blogger) - Mbak Putri (owner) - Me

Tidak hanya perkenalan brand saja, di acara tersebut juga ada demo make up no make up dari make up artis Jogja ternama, sekalian juga demo pemakaian Ozora skin care kepada modelnya.. Dia memberikan beberapa tips make up yang aku belum tahu sebelumnya. Aku belajar banyak di acara ini, tipsnya akan sangat berguna sekali buatku.
There was also a make up demo from a Jogjanese make up artist. The make up theme is natural make up alias make up no make up. Before the demo, he also applied Ozora skin care on to the model as Ozora is also can be used before make up. He as well giving tips of make up while doing the demo which is very useful for me. I learned a lot from him!

Ozora skin care juga mendatangkan seorang pelanggan yang sudah pernah mencoba Ozora skin care. Dia mencoba semua rangkaian skin care dari Ozora selama beberapa bulan dan jerawat-jerawat yang ada di wajahnya perlahan bisa menghilang dengan Ozora. Dengan kata lain, rangkaian produk Ozora skin care dapat digunakan juga untuk wajah berjerawat.
A testimony came from a lady from Solo who has tried the products of Ozora skincare in several months. She used to have a lot acnes on her face. After using Ozora skin care regularly since May, her acnes began to disappear. In other words, we could say, Ozora skin care can be used for an acne prone face.

she gave the testimony and showed the pictures of her face month by month, progress by progress

a good ambience and good decor for the event at Kunena

me, fellow bloggers, and Ozora team. Guess where am I?

Ngomong-ngomong, aku tidak akan membahas produk-produk Ozora disini. Aku akan mereview produk tersebut setelah beberapa bulan aku mencobanya. So, stay tune jika kamu penasaran seperti apa sih produk-produk dari Ozora skincare.
Btw, I'm not gonna reveal the products of Ozora in this post. I'm gonna review the products after I use it for several months. So, stay tune if you're curious about Ozora skin care!
captured by Sonya